Sanaly Urpaq

On January 24-25, 2019, the head of Republican Project Office ‘Sanaly Urpaq’ (Conscientious Generation) Mr. Tokushev Kayirzhan arrived in the Turkestan region to promote anticorruption policies. Ahmed Yassawi University was chosen as the meeting point to conduct the work. The university management, academic staff and the students of the Graduate School of Governance and Economics took their part in the event.

Mr. Tokushev disclosed in detail regulations of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015–2025, spoke about the importance of anti-corruption literacy in the country’s education, emphasizing that teachers and students are the guides of anti-corruption culture.

During the talk, the head of the Project Office delievred a lecture for graduates of the Graduate School, who are the represents of the Civil Service School. Having shared his experience, he urged future civil servants to be conscientious, impartial and active in the life of the state. Further, Mr. Tokushev thanked the Rector of the University, Mr. Abdrassilov for his contribution to the education of the anti-corruption culture in general. Earlier, under his leadership, in 2016 at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a study guide entitled “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture” was designed. The Agency for Civil Service and to Anti-Corruption of Kazakhstan commissioned the groundwork as first to comprehend the problems and formation of anti-corruption culture in both historical and modern contexts. This work also analyzes the socio-economic, legal, cultural, moral and ethical aspects of countering corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Additionally the publication was introduced to the educational process in all domestic universities as the new core discipline “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture.”

Presently, Ahmed Yassawi University has developed a Strategic Development Plan until 2023, which laid out a number of policies dedicated to the implementation of an anti-corruption culture, zero tolerance, academic honesty and integrity among the faculties, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of the university.

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