Kulbayeva Meruert Amangeldieva

                                       Kulbayeva Meruert Amangeldieva                 
                                       Position: senior lecturer

Teaching courses:

  1. Financial markets
  2. Stocks and bods market
  3. Exchange business
  4. Tax and taxation



prospect them. BekzataSattarhanova 29

Tel: +77253363636


Bachelor’s degree / University:  International Economic Relations / A. Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University

Post-Graduate: / University: A. Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University2015

Knowledge of languages and level / certificate: Russian – the highest, English-medium, Turkish-medium.


Recent academic publications

HAC Publication

1. Prospects for the development of venture business in Kazakhstan. International research journal “Young scientists" №15.1 (201.1) / 2018

2. Improving the issues of small and medium-sized loans in the Republic of Kazakhstan. International research journal “Young scientists" №15.1 (2021.1) / 2018

3. Liberalization of currencies Liberalization is a promising direction for the stabilization of the national currency. International research journal “Young scientists" №16.1 (2021.1) / 2018

4. Key issues of the pension fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan and their solutions. International research journal “Young scientists" №16.1 (2021.1) / 2018

5. Calculation and audit of wages. Journal of the University of Yassawa 0.5 BC

6. Recognition and Valuation of Intangible Assets. Bulletin of Yassavsky University 0.5 bp.


1. Organization of innovation activity in Kazakhstan “Materials of the international scientific-practical conference" Problems of preparing a competitive specialist in the context of the integration of the education system “2015 0.25 pt

2. Key issues of Hungarian investments and ways to improve them International Scientific and Practical Conference “Problems of the modern economy and education, prospects and prospects for development", 2016, 0.25 p.