International partnership


The international partnership sector works to establish and develop collaborations with international professional partnerships with professional institutions and organizations in the field of institute activities.



Main activities:

  • Promotion, coordination and monitoring of the Institute’s international strategic partnership,
  • Ensuring and expanding participation in international grant programs (Graduate Education Grants, Experience Exchange and Professional Development Programs)
  • Inviting experienced experts from abroad
  • Organizing and organizing negotiations, conferences and seminars with cooperation protocol meetings to be held with the participation of foreign representatives
  • Coordination of the activities of the International Cooperation Committee

Today in Turkey through the Mevlana Exchange Program within the framework of International Cooperation in 2 Sakarya University students, it is located at Ataturk University 1 student education. In addition, within the framework of the Program, the Department of Business and Leadership Development Assist. Assoc. Dr. Dinmukhamed Kelesbayev had two weeks of experience at Sakarya University last year and will go to Duzce University.