The school operates based on the principles of project management, taking into account the basic principles of the educational policy of the leading universities of the world, according to the Bologna Declaration.

The creation of this School is caused by the increased need for highly qualified personnel of the new formation in connection with the formation of a new territorial unit in Kazakhstan – the Turkestan region. Successful development of the region will be largely determined by the quality of human capital of the public service and the real sector of the economy, as well as the social sphere. Currently, there is active interaction with leading companies, enterprises of the region and international organizations.

Higher education offers five main professions: civil servants, business managers and economists, accountants and auditors:

  • 5В050600 – Economy
  • 5B050700 – Management
  • 5В050800 – Accounting and Audit
  • 5В050900 – Finance
  • 5B051000 – Creative thinking of state specialties of local self-government is aimed at training highly qualified and qualified specialists who can make management decisions using innovative technologies.

Four programs have been created within the Higher School:

– Program on public administration and regional development

– Management and Leadership Development Program

– Economics program

– Program for Finance and Accounting

307 students, 10 undergraduates and 10 doctoral students study at a higher school, and about 35 people work. In the Higher School, which trains qualified specialists in 5 specialties, foreign students from the Turkic states and professional teachers are trained. Education in higher education is conducted in all specialties in Kazakh, Turkish, Russian and English.