Graduate School of Governance and Economics participated in the panel session

In the past week, by invitation of Astana Civil Service Hub (#ASCH), partner of Ahmed Yassawi University, the leadership of the Graduate School of Governance and Economics participated in the panel session “Modern Trends and Challenges of Public Service in Post-Soviet and Transition Countries” in the framework of the Annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration (#ASPA). Notably, this year event took place in Washington D.C., Mayflower Hotel and celebrated its 80th jubilee of establishing ASPA.

Prominent representatives of civil service and public administration from ASCH country participants such as Afghanistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Macedonia, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, USA and Republic of Korea were invited to the panel session to share their insights on public sector reforms.

HE Mr. Yerzhan Kazykhanov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that today Kazakhstan’s civil service has become efficient, people-oriented with a true reflection of what society of modern Kazakhstan is about, where equal opportunities for self-realization, education and career development are guaranteed. Further, Ambassador mentioned about ‘Bolashak’ state educational programme, which in general brought a positive effect on civil service system of Kazakhstan.

Former Minster Personnel Management of the Republic of Korea, professor Pan Suk Kim stressed the significance of Civil Service Law and its long term benefit, becoming a foundation for developing regulation and administration rules. Additionally, Former Minister proposed an idea to introduce the new term called ‘#inclusive bureaucracy’, which would consider the other groups of people and society.

During the session, HE Ambassador Kazykhanov presented an award to Professor Chester Newland for his continuous support to Kazakhstan since 1991 and contribution in establishment of the partnership with US. Moreover, professor Newland outlined the importance of the ASCH in continuing the search for the civil service excellence together with Astana hub’s 40 nations participants.

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