“Financial Instruments” At The Seminar, Ahmet Yesevi University

Ahmet Yesevi University, under the Coordination of the Board of Trustees and Tika, supported “we can do more Together” project, Marmara University, banking, and insurance School lecturer Assoc. Dr. Strong okay gave a seminar on financial instruments.

Ahmet Yesevi University, Institute of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Associate Prof. Dr. Okay Strong To Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Cengiz Tomar presented the thanks document. Between 8-20 April 2019, Assoc. Dr. Güçlü okay, financial and business departments of money, money management and current approaches to the knowledge and experience of the transfer.

Assoc. Dr. He also gave a seminar on “financial instruments” on Friday, April 19, 2019. Emphasizing the increasing importance of financial management in terms of globalizing economies, Okay shared with the students its knowledge about the fund and capital flow in the financial markets and the tools and institutions that mediate this flow. In addition to spot market transactions within the scope of the concept of the stock market, he also mentioned futures markets that started to become more widespread all over the world and lastly focused on the US-based mortgage crisis in 2008 and the repercussions of this crisis to the economies of the country in the future.

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