Taizhanov Lesbek Tuzelbekovich
Head of Economics Programme

Administration, №220

Tel: +7 (72533) 3-23-26





Program features:

Based on academic mobility and practice Russia, Turkey, Singapore, the United Kingdom and in the United States in the best way that is synchronized with university education and work program and selected the most appropriate way
Addition of research courses appropriate to modern and economic disciplines
Provided research areas contributing to the economic development of the region

Training programs are implemented at three levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral.

  • Undergraduate: 5В050600 – Economics – Bachelor of Economics В (BE)
  • Master: 6М050600 – Economics – Masters of Economics (ME)
  • PhD: 6D050600 – Economics – Ph.D. of Economics (DE)

The mission of the program: to prepare leading experts to implement national plans and to develop the national economy.

The aim of the program: To create a strategic platform with the following values:

  • Unity
  • Justice
  • Professionalism