Bektur Keneshbayev



           Bektur Keneshbayev

           Occupation: Management and leadership development program teaching staff, Ph.D.

Teaching courses:

  1. Management
  2. Strategic Management
  3. Risk management
  4. Quality management


University campus, 1 building, №213 office

Tel.: +87716833551 


Education: High

  1. Bachelor: Management and Economics / Ahmed Yasawi University
  2. Master: Economics / Ahmed Yasawi University
  3. PhD: Management / Ahmed Yasawi University

Work experience: Total work experience 13 years

  1. 2005-2010 – teaching staff in the department of “Management and Marketing” in Ahmed Yasawi University
  2. 2010-2016 – PhD student in Management in Ahmed Yasawi University
  3. 2016-2018 – PhD, Senior Lecturer in the department of “Management and Tourism” in Ahmed Yasawi University
  4. 2018-current – PhD, Senior Lecturer in the department of Management and leadership development program in Ahmed Yasawi University


  1. Advanced Training certificate for 72 hours of knowledge-enhancing on the subject of «Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Higher Education»  at Ahmed Yesevi University’s by Continuing Education Institute ( from 13.03.- t01.04.2017).
  2. Advanced Training certificate of the English language development course organized by Ahmet Yesevi University’s and Continuous Education Institute (Intermediate B2. 02.10.2017-28.02.2018).
  3. Advanced Training certificate “Competitive Project Development (Horizon 2020)” Certificate of Participation (InExCB-Kz) 2018.

Researches, published works (last 3 years):

  1. R.I.Maneva, O.J.Kravets,  B.Keneshbayev, A.Zhaxybayeva.  Building the Adaptive Project Groups in the Vertically Integrated Industries within the Quality Management System. Quality – Access to Success, Vol. 18, No. 160 (2017): 79-82 pp.
  2. B.Zh. Almukhambetova, R. I. Yermankulova, Zh. O.Tokhayeva, B.Keneshbayev, Innovation process management in agriculture: International Practice, Espacios, Vol. 38, No. 48 (2017): 24-29 pp.
  3. D. Mukhiyayeva, A.Bakirbekova, L.Moldashbayeva, B.Keneshbayev, Improving the mechanism of municipal Financing of innovational companies, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic , Vol. 14, No. 14 (2016): 695-711 pp.