Aliya Assanova Seidanbekovna




           Aliya Assanova Seidanbekovna

           Occupation: senior lecturer

Teaching courses:

  1. Management accounting I
  2. Management accounting II
  3. Financial report I
  4. I Accountants cesep
  5. Accounting in the field of construction
  6. Audit I


Graduate school of governance and economics 

Enclosure 1 Office №325 

Turkestan, prospect them. Bekzata Sattarhanova 29 

Tel: +77078637618 


Bachelor’s degree / University:  Accounting and audit / Zhambyl technological Institute of light and food industry 

Post-Graduate: / University: accounting And auditing Yasawi


Recent academic publications  

Article in the WAC

  1. «Current state and development trends of insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan» Kazu Khabarshysy № 2 (108), 2015
  2. «The current state of light industry and its problems» «Young scientist», 2018
  3. «Tax system issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan», 2018
  4. «Opportunities for the development of corporate tax management» «Young scientist», 2018
  5. «The important role of SMEs audit and difficulties» «Young scientist», 2018


  1. «Economic mechanisms of transport and logistics infrastructure development in Kazakhstan». «History and culture of the Turkic peoples-the spiritual core of The Kazakh khanate» scientific-practical conference. Shymkent, 2015
  2. «Strategic accounting and its role in the management of». «Auezov readings-14: Innovative potential of Kazakhstan in education and science in the new global situation» international scientific-practical conference. Shymkent, 2016
  3. «Improving the organization of operational and accounting in state bodies». «Problems of modern economy and education, opportunities and prospects of development» international scientific and practical conference. Almaty, 2016
  4. «The problem of regulating the systemic structures of the economy». «Uzbekali Janibekov reading -2016» VII Republican scientific-practical conference. Turkestan, 2016
  5. «Fundamentals of a systematic approach to sustainable economic development». «Uzbekali Janibekov reading -2016» VII Republican scientific-practical conference. Turkestan, 2016
  6. «Organization of accounting in medical institutions» International scientific and practical conference «Problems and prospects of development of economy and education in the conditions of the Fourth industrial revolution», which was held on March 20, 2018 in Almaty.